House Buying Scams in Virginia

Don’t Get Caught Out By These House Buying Scams in Virginia

Although scams may not be the first thing that you think of as home sellers or homebuyers, the reality is that scammers are a popular problem in the real estate market. There are a number of scamming situations that being aware of can save you money, time, and a range of undesired consequences. To avoid … Continued

Sell A House Without A Realtor In Virginia

Sell A House Without A Realtor In Virginia

Selling a house on your own sounds like a tough challenge to most inexperienced home sellers. However, the reality is that if you’re well-prepared and informed about the process of selling a house by yourself you can enjoy a lot of benefits. For sale by owner in Virginia is not uncommon and more and more … Continued

Mortgage Relief and VA Loans in Virginia

Mortgage Relief and VA Loans

The past year has been a stressful time for a lot of people. On everyone’s mind were concerns about the virus, possible job loss, and of course, income. If you were impacted by a change in salary, got sick, or were unemployed, falling behind on mortgage payments can easily happen. It can be an overwhelming … Continued

Best Things To Do In Norfolk VA

15 Best Things To Do In Norfolk VA

Looking for the best things to do in Norfolk, VA? You don’t have to look too hard in Virginia’s third-largest city. Incorporated all the way back in 1705, Norfolk is a gem of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area and serves as the region’s historic and cultural epicenter. There’s so much to do that it can … Continued

Best Things To Do In Virginia Beach VA

15 Fun Things To Do In Virginia Beach VA

Are you planning a trip to Virginia and wondering what are the best things to do in Virginia Beach? Or perhaps you’re selling a house in Virginia and you’re looking for some of the things to promote the location with? Regardless, if you’re wondering how to spend your time around the area, you’ve come to … Continued

Sell or Rent house on blackboard

Rent Or Sell My House In Norfolk VA

Your current house might feel like home now but that probably won’t last forever. Eventually, you’re going to want to move on to another home, either by choice or due to one of many factors that come up throughout life. You might end up looking to upgrade to a bigger place, your financial situation might … Continued

house with foundation problems in Virginia

Selling A House With Foundation Problems

Every time you open or close a door, does something seem off? Does it keep sticking or jamming? Have you noticed any cracks in the drywall or a large gap in the concrete around the outside of the home? Well, those are all signs of a possible foundation problem.  It’s a sinking feeling when you … Continued