Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House

Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House

Are you considering selling your house in Virginia? If so, there are many benefits to accepting a cash offer on your home. For example, you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs and it will be sold quickly with no commissions or fees.  In this post, we will discuss the types of cash home buyers … Continued

Best Times of the Year to Sell Your House in Virginia

Best Times of the Year to Sell Your House in Virginia

Selling your house fast and for a reasonable price depends on timing. In Virginia, sales are highest in the summer months and spring. There is more demand hence more competition; thus, homes sell for more money and faster. People prefer to close and relocate in the early summer when there is a long gap in … Continued

Most Expensive Home Sales in Virginia

Most Expensive Home Sales in Virginia

Is your current home getting too small for you? Do you feel that you deserve more amenities at your place of residence? If you’re tired of living in your current house and you want to upgrade, take a look at our guide of the most expensive home sales in Virginia. If the Beverly Hills of … Continued

House in Probate for sale in Virginia

Selling a House in Probate in Virginia

The death of your loved one can be a traumatizing experience, but you must find the courage to soldier on with life. If the deceased owned real estate, it might be time to identify the beneficiaries and heirs. According to probate laws in Virginia, you can sell such properties. You can sell the quickest if … Continued

Stopping a House Foreclosure in Norfolk VA

Stopping a House Foreclosure in Norfolk VA

When purchasing a house, the thought of foreclosure is usually far from anyone’s mind. But things happen, circumstances can change, and that mortgage payment that once was affordable can become a burden to pay every month. Then the late payment notices start arriving in your mailbox and calls from the mortgage company asking when they’ll … Continued

Steps to Selling Your Home Fast for Cash in Virginia

How to Sell Your House for Cash in Virginia

Whether the road is calling your name, you want to put down roots in another state, or you’re entering your golden years, sometimes the only thing that stands between you and the next chapter of your life is selling your house. Even if you’ve meticulously planned, sometimes the slightest of changes or unexpected shifts in … Continued

Sell or Rent house on blackboard

Rent Or Sell My House In Norfolk VA

Your current house might feel like home now but that probably won’t last forever. Eventually, you’re going to want to move on to another home, either by choice or due to one of many factors that come up throughout life. You might end up looking to upgrade to a bigger place, your financial situation might … Continued

house with foundation problems in Virginia

Selling A House With Foundation Problems

Every time you open or close a door, does something seem off? Does it keep sticking or jamming? Have you noticed any cracks in the drywall or a large gap in the concrete around the outside of the home? Well, those are all signs of a possible foundation problem.  It’s a sinking feeling when you … Continued

seller meets with companies that buy houses

Who Are The Companies That Buy Houses In Norfolk Virginia

Have you ever seen a sign for a company that says “We Buy Houses” and wondered who they are and whether or not they’re credible? You’re not alone! Given the way that many people sell their homes on the housing market, it’s understandable that you might not be aware of what a home buying company … Continued

computing tax when selling house

Do You Have To Pay Taxes When You Sell Your House In Virginia?

Taxes are confusing, and finding answers online about real estate taxes in Virginia can be hard. There are property taxes, capital gains taxes, real estate transfer taxes, and who knows what else. It’s hard to find clear answers about how much you have to pay and what taxes a seller is responsible for. So to … Continued

Tenants rights book and keys from apartments.

Renter’s Rights In Virginia: What Landlords Need To Know

As a landlord, do you know how renters’ rights work in Virginia? If you’re going to own a house with rental tenants or a rental building, you need to understand the legal rights that both landlords and renters have in order to stay within the legal confines of what’s acceptable. Because stepping outside of that … Continued

Hoarder room packed with storage boxes

6 Tips to Prep a Hoarder’s House in Norfolk for Sale

Are you trying to sell a Norfolk house that was lived in by a hoarder? The truth is that you are embarking on a very big task that is going to require a lot of planning and important decisions. Selling a house on the open market is already a stressful and costly process, but selling … Continued

Notice of Foreclosure

How to Avoid a House Foreclosure in Virginia

Have you ever imagined selling your Virginia house? It is likely that you’ve already researched its market value, considered making small repairs, and planned every step of the way. However, selling your house is not the only way to get separated from your property. One of the most undesired ways to say goodbye to a … Continued