15 Fun Things To Do In Virginia Beach VA

Are you planning a trip to Virginia and wondering what are the best things to do in Virginia Beach? Or perhaps you’re selling a house in Virginia and you’re looking for some of the things to promote the location with? Regardless, if you’re wondering how to spend your time around the area, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll share with you some of the best family things to do in Virginia Beach, give you some nice ideas like visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Military Aviation Museum, and the Oceanfront. We’ll also give you some tips on what to do in Virginia Beach during winter. 

Best Things To Do In Virginia Beach VA

Get a pen and paper out, you’ll want to make a note of our suggestions of the best things to do in Virginia Beach VA. 

Visit Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center 

One of the places that we highly recommend when it comes to browsing around Virginia Beach is the Virginia Aquarium & Science Center. You can easily find it on the shores of Owls Creek and enjoy your time both indoors and in its beautiful outdoor areas. During the spring, summer, and autumn, you can take advantage of the scenic decks overlooking the water and spend a whole day with friends and family. Visit the Virginia Aquarium & Science Center with the kids and explore together the vast diversity of sea life. You can observe sharks, sea turtles, seals, and more. 

When it comes to things to do in the Virginia Aquarium & Science Center, the opportunities are many. For starters, you can get an idea of what Virginia may have looked like ages ago thanks to the amazing displays available at the center. You can take the Virginia Aquarium & Science Center tour, go through the glass, walk-through the Red Sea Tunnel, check out the dinosaur exhibit, and enjoy the aquarium’s 3D Movie Theater. 

Take a Fight at the Military Aviation Museum

The Virginia Military Aviation Museum is next up on our list of things to do in Virginia Beach. You can expect to find a space completely dedicated to military aircraft. You can explore planes from different parts of the world and different historic periods. One of the amazing things to do in the Virginia Military Aviation Museum is to see the diversity of aircraft from WWI and WWII. The majority of the planes on display are still functional today. In fact, if you decide to go on one of the Virginia Military Aviation Museum tours, you’ll discover that the museum’s main objective isn’t only to introduce these aircraft to people interested to see them.

The ultimate goal of the museum is to recover the aircraft to a working condition. If you visit the Virginia Military Aviation Museum, you might even be able to fly in one of the planes. 

Boat Tours and Water Adventures

Of course, let’s not forget about the boat tours and water adventures that you can enjoy in Virginia Beach. Virginia’s location makes it a preferable place for people who enjoy water-related activities. There are certainly people who would prefer to live close to the sea or in this case, the Atlantic ocean and this is why there are so many individuals hoping to make a deal with others that sell a house by owner in Virginia Beach

You can benefit from the range of VA boat tours and water adventures, hop on a whale watching tour or take part in a charter fishing trip. You can try kayaking, paddleboarding, and more. If you’re looking for something different, you can even take an oyster-farming boat tour along the Lynnhaven River. The Virginia boat tours and water adventures are limitless and offer an unforgettable and brilliant experience. 

Visit The Cape Henry Lighthouse 

For the adventure seekers and those fond of beautiful views, you should certainly visit the Cape Henry lighthouse. There’s always something magical about visiting a lighthouse but this one is like no other. The Cape Henry Lighthouse was created in 1792 and is one of the most popular landmarks in the Chesapeake Bay as it was the first lighthouse funded by the US government and authorized by George Washington. By climbing to the top, you can enjoy a mesmerizing view over Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay. 

If you want to embrace a full experience and organize a Virginia Cape Henry lighthouse tour, set aside a few hours. You’ll want to take in everything that the space has to offer. 

Enjoy The Adventure Park 

It’s time for some real adventure. The VA Adventure Park is a popular choice for tourists and Virginia Beach locals as it offers the perfect day out. The Virginia Adventure Park is a huge area in the forest, which has been designed for maximum fun and adventures. You can test your strength and bravery by hopping on the ropes and platforms that are hanging from the trees and truly connect with nature on a different level. 

This Adventure Park stands out from the rest thanks to its swinging stairs, hard to go through aerial walks, and other fun activities. This amazing place is located on the grounds of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center so you can easily combine visiting both attractions in one day. The friendly staff will greet you and assist you in using all the equipment or getting through the obstacles. The Adventure Park is also safe for older children so it’s an excellent idea for a family experience. 

Catch Some Fish 

Another fun activity that you can embrace while visiting Virginia Beach is to catch some fish. After all, what’s visiting a beach without going to the fishing pier? Fishing in Virginia Beach is well-known and one of the best ways to experience this activity is by checking out the Legrand Slam Deepsea fishing charters. You’ll be able to sail through the waters of Chesapeake Bay and catch tuna, cobia, and other fish types. You’ll be able to learn all about VA fishing from the experts, who can show you all the tips and tricks to catching the biggest fish. 

The best part is that you can also enjoy a range of restaurants and ice cream shops if you’ve got a friend or family member who is fishing but you’d rather do something else. 

Hike at First Landing State Park 

For those of you that are into hiking, Virginia Beach has a wonderful surprise for you. The First Landing State Park VA offers more than 20 miles of trails suitable for hiking and nearly 4,000 acres of Virginia woodland. The First Landing State Park is also a great option for those fond of cycling, camping along the oceanfront, fishing, canoeing, and exploring the depths of nature. You can also soak up a bit of history while visiting the First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach as it hosts the spot where English settlers landed for the first time in 1607. 

There is so much to see. The beauty of the pine trees, cypress trees, and sand dunes will simply capture your soul and you’ll feel completely refreshed and renewed after your visit. 

Have Fun at The False Cape State Park 

Few people who’ve visited Virginia Beach haven’t heard of the False Cape State Park. It’s located south of Virginia Beach and spans along six miles of natural beaches. You can observe and enjoy the sight of dunes, marshes, and woodlands. The cherry on top is that there is a range of biking trails that span across the park, offering a run and active day browsing around the area. You can also check out primitive camping, which is available during the whole year in the False Cape State Park VA. 

You can’t access the park with a car, which simply adds more beauty to this alternative activity. The best way to reach the False Cape State Park in Virginia Beach is by hopping on a bike or on foot. It’s the perfect way to isolate yourself from the busy city but at the same time be close by.

Watch The Dolphins 

Watching dolphins in Virginia Beach is another popular choice of activity both for travelers and for locals. These kind and beautiful creatures can get so close to you that it’ll be difficult to forget this magical experience. The best options for watching dolphins in VA is to get on the unique dolphin tour offered by native Captain Eric Meyers. You’ll have the opportunity to be face to face with a dolphin and if you’re lucky, even ride them as they swim. You can combine this exciting activity with lunch on the boat, a beautiful sunset, and the company of your loved ones. 

Strawberry Picking at Henley Farm 

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh fruit picked straight from the garden? Even when not all of us have the opportunity to grow our own fruits, the good news is that you can spend a day dedicated to Henley Farm strawberry picking in Virginia Beach. The strawberries found in Henley Farm are delicious and quite distinct from the rest. You can make the distinction as soon as you smell the fresh, natural scent and take your first bite. The Hanley Farm strawberry picking in VA gives you the chance to spend some time learning about strawberries and their growth process as well as pick the ones you like straight from the field. 

Strawberry Picking at Henley Farm

Strawberry picking at Henley Farm is certainly not something you want to miss. Don’t forget to take your camera, there will be a lot of fun momenta that you’ll want to capture. 

Visit Flipper McCoys

A cool entertainment venue that’s positioned on the Atlantic oceanfront, Flipper McCoys offers a fun time for everyone. It’s a large arcade center that will keep your little ones entertained and has some surprises in store for you as an adult too. Enjoy laser tag, arcade games, ski ball, pinball, and more. 

Little Island Park 

Have you always dreamt of visiting a beach with a range of outdoor activities? Well, if you have, Little Island Park in VA should be on your to-do list when in Virginia Beach. Home to a 400-foot fishing pier, Little Island Park in Virginia Beach is a great choice for surfers and visitors looking to enjoy a nice swim, a fishing session, or just a gorgeous beach with golden sands. If you’ve planned to spend the day, check out the sheltered picnic and barbecue sites that are suitable for families and friends looking to spend the day out in the sun. 

Lake Lawson

Another place you can visit for a fun day dedicated to fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boating is Lake Lawson VA. Perfect for a sunny day with the family, Lake Lawson in Virginia Beach offers a number of walking trails that you can explore, a pedestrian bridge that you can take amazing photos on, and picnic areas that you can share with friends. The best part is that you can enjoy peace of mind if you’re visiting Lake Lawson with the kids as the area offers a new playground that will keep them happy and occupied. 

The Bagel Baker

Let’s not forget about trying good food and coffee while visiting Virginia Beach. Bagel Baker is one of the most popular places for visitors and locals and with good reason. It’s situated in the Great Neck of Virginia Beach and first won the hearts of locals in 2011 when it opened. The food you find in this coffee shop will make you feel as if you’re in New York. Expect to delight in delicious bagels with a range of toppings, soups, salads, and home-brewed coffee.

Visit the Adam Thoroughgood House 

A National Historic Landmark, the Adam Thoroughgood House gets its name from the apprenticed servant who became popular for tobacco farming. It’s considered the oldest existent colonial home in Virginia Beach, dating back to the 1680s. It’s situated on the Lynnhaven River and is eminent for its rich gardens, English furniture, and specific design. You can learn a lot about Adam Thoroughgood and the period in which he lived thanks to the educational programs available at the site. 


If you’re looking for an intimate dining experience and delicious food that has received a number of awards, you should definitely set aside an evening for the Terrapin. You can access the restaurant on a short walk from the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. Try boutique wines and craft beer, a rich menu including truffle mac-and-cheese, fresh sea scallops, and rib-eye steak. 


As you can see, there are so many reasons to visit Virginia Beach and so much to do in the area. If you’re selling a house in VA, one of the ways to win over the best Virginia home buyer is to introduce them to the area by pointing out all of these amazing activities and sights they can enjoy.


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