5 Ways You Can Sell Your House in Norfolk

Do you want to sell your house in Norfolk? There is more than one way for you to do it! Learn more about your options and how our team can help you sell fast in our latest post! At Avante Home Buyers, education and making sure home sellers have the right information is very important … Continued

an inherited house in as is condition

Can You Sell a House in As-Is Condition in Norfolk?

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man inspecting a damaged house wearing a dust mask

How to Sell a Damaged House in Norfolk

Social media would make you believe that every house that hits the market is freshly remodeled, brand new, and sparkling to perfection. But contrary to what you might think, nearly 80% of the American housing stock has experienced 20 years of rain, wind, and sun. Not to mention, a report by Freddie Mac noted 38% … Continued

An overdue bill beside a house on calendar background, overdue mortgage

How to Easily Take Over Mortgage Payments in Norfolk

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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Sell Your House in Norfolk

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6 Things They Don’t Tell You When Listing Your House in Norfolk

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Why Right Now Is The Time To Sell Your Land In Norfolk!

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3 Options For Selling Your House in Norfolk

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